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Seasons of Louisiana Cookbook

Seasons of Louisiana Cookbook


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Seasons of Louisiana is Chef Peter Sclafani's debut cookbook. Many people joke that Louisiana only has two seasons. However, Chef Peter begs to differ. Though Louisiana's weather may not be the draw of the south, there's no debate that our food is the draw. When it comes to a meal, the "seasons" of Louisiana are plentiful. When you think about it, nothing says it's football season like a pot of jambalaya. Nothing screams crawfish season like a roaring pot boiling with friends and family gathered in the backyard... And there's nothing like a cold batch of marinated crab claws to refresh your soul on a hot summer day. In this book, learn the philosophy that drives Chef Peter's restaurants: Serve great food from local producers that tells an amazing story. After all, it's not just the food that brings us together and creates wonderful memories. It's the stories. Seasons of Louisiana features nine "seasons:" Crawfish, Shrimp, Oyster, Crab, Creole Tomato, Fishing, Hunting, Tailgating, and Holiday Season with over 75 recipes.